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We Build Bots (WBB Ltd.) is a certified Oracle Cloud Partner and multi award-winning AI company specialising in automation and analytics for customer service and fan engagement. 

AGAME uses AI-powered chatbots, voicebots, machine learning, and big data analytics to help clubs connect, engage and convert supporters like never before. Whether it's pre, post, or during matches, AGAME's intelligent platform and deep integration capabilities are redefining the future of fan engagement.

Working with the World's top clubs to engage millions of fans means we're building a rich repository of fan interaction intelligence. When working with AGAME, your sports club can leverage and act upon that intelligence to give your supporters more of what they want, when they want it. Book a demo now to learn how we can help you bring your A Game. 


The Future Of Fan Engagement

AGAME takes fan engagement and customer service to a whole new level. Our intuitive platform increases fan affinity with automated match updates, stats, highlights, competitions and more. Be there wherever 'there' might be; web, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. AGAME's omnichannel coverage means your club is available to fans anytime, anywhere and on any channel.

Know Your Data. Know Your Fans

'Propensity to purchase' and gamification algorithms, are just some of the smarts triggered by the data we process. Recommended games, human agent handoff and integrated stats feeds all combine to make AGAME the most dynamic, data driven fan engagement platform available today. And guess what? The more data we collect, the smarter we get!
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Effectively, we can channel shift around 30% of inbound queries away from telephony, into conversational AI. Learn more by booking a demo below.


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