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It's easy for us to say that we can help you save money and deliver a better customer experience but the proof is in the pudding which is why we offer an in-depth customer service consultation with no obligation to purchase.

Data is king and all we need is access to yours in order for our data scientists to unlock your business potential and demonstrate how chatbots and AI can save you money, drive efficiencies and improve customer service across your business.

We analyse your average call handling time, first contact resolution, WRAP time plus much, much more. We also review your website to understand where channel shifts are most advantageous. We then deliver a business case with recommendations on how to transform your organisations customer service using AI and chatbot technology ... all for FREE!

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Meet IntelAgent

IntelAgent uses AI to help your business save money, make money, and deliver exceptional customer service.

We power chatbots and voice assistants for websites to turbocharge your customer service. By applying AI to conversational data captured via messaging platforms, SMS, email, social and voice, we can automate answers, perform tasks, identify sales opportunities and profile your customers to drive efficiencies across your business.

Data visualisation for unparalleled insights

Every interaction with your customers is tracked and analysed to provide in-depth intelligence. Understand key trends, conversation types, resolution metrics and more.

Messages are tracked by our in-chat analytics engine for keywords and topics as well as for behavioural characteristics like speed of response, time online and common periods of use.

Effectively, we can channel shift around 30% of inbound queries away from telephony, into conversational AI. Learn more by booking a demo below.


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