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AI-powered automation for the public sector... Why can't we pay our council tax as easily as booking a cab? Or report a missed bin as easily as ordering take out?

Having grown used to apps like Uber and Just Eat, citizens have rising expectations of public service providers - but they often fall short. Not any more! Using chatbots, voice, AI and analytics, WBB brings private sector convenience to public sector services. We're disrupting this £350bn market, one bot at a time!

Since WBB was founded in 2017, we've won multiple awards for innovation, become firmly positioned on the G Cloud 11 framework, launched 'The Botcast', our digital transformation podcast as well as began working with a number of local authorities across the UK.

Book a demo to learn how we can help you unlock the potential of your data, channel shift up to 30% of inbound queries away from telephony into conversational AI as well as improve customer service and save you money! 👉


Our Automation Suite

Our suite of automation tools are designed to create efficiencies across all areas of your organisation.

Whether you're looking to provide super clever AI customer service, offer self-serve internal IT support or streamline your incoming communications, we have the perfect solution.


Meet IntelAgent, our super smart AI powered chatbot designed to give your constituents access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

With Takeover, agents can jump in to more complex conversations and with our proactive and reactive Campaigns, citizens can be kept up to date with issues and events that matter to them.

And of course, every interaction can be analysed and reported to ensure your chatbot is delivering cost-savings directly into your contact centre.
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Effectively, we can channel shift around 30% of inbound queries away from telephony, into conversational AI. Learn more by booking a demo below.


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