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Technology is no longer an insular department within a company, it's a thread that runs through every single industry in the world. We interview Digital Transformation Leaders in both the public and private sector in order to understand what their challenges are and which emerging technologies such as AI, chatbots, voice technology and blockchain etc could help tackle said challenges. 

So far, we've been lucky enough to welcome Cindy Rose OBE, CEO at Microsoft UK, Alison Hughes, Assistant Director of ICT Strategic Partnerships at Wigan & Bolton Council,  Julien Simon, Global Technical Evangelist in AI & Machine Learning at Amazon Wed ServicesKieron McGhie, Strategic Transformation Workstream Lead at Barking and Dagenham Council plus many more onto the show. 

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Listen on any of your favourite podcast platforms below.

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We Build Bots

We Build Bots (WBB Ltd.) is a certified Oracle Cloud Partner and a multi award-winning AI company specialising in Public Sector AI, automation and analytics.

WBB’s flagship product, IntelAgent utilises chat bots, voice
assistants, big data analytics and proprietary micro
services to radically improve customer engagement, drive
operational efficiencies and increase revenues.

Meet IntelAgent

IntelAgent uses AI to help your business save money, make money, and deliver exceptional customer service.

We power chatbots and voice assistants for websites to turbocharge your customer service. By applying AI to conversational data captured via messaging platforms, SMS, email, social and voice, we can automate answers, perform tasks, identify sales opportunities and profile your customers to drive efficiencies across your business.

 Effectively, we can channel shift around 30% of inbound queries away from telephony, into conversational AI. Learn more by booking a demo below.

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